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Traveling on the roads comes with many variables from the vehicle, to weather and road conditions. Whether you are sticking to the town limits of Twin Falls, ID or planning an end of the summer road trip, there are many circumstances that can contribute to being stranded including the weather and temperatures, day or night travels, traffic, road conditions, as well as status of the vehicle and its ability to traverse the roads. Needing a tow can be the result of an inoperable vehicle from mechanical or electrical failure, an accident, human error, or simply need transport. In any case, understanding your towing options can help you better get the assistance you need. At this time, we at Highway 30 Towing would like to share the basic distinctions in the common towing options available.

Types of Towing Techniques

It is ideal to know which towing option is best suited for your needs prior to calling a towing specialist, though they are very capable of helping you if you are still unsure. By requesting the services you need right away, you can expedite the process and get back on the road sooner. Depending on the surrounding circumstances, there are a handful of ways to tow your vehicle, and below you will find the basics concerning flatbed trailers, conventional towing, and winch out towing options.

Flatbed Tow Truck

Most needs are accommodated with flatbed towing, particularly if your vehicle is not conducive to conventional methods. As opposed to a hook, a flat, hydraulically inclining and declining surface is used for drivers with four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles. On the aforementioned vehicles, flatbed towing is safest method to prevent potential damage other options can possibly inflict. Flatbed trailers better accommodate motorcycles as well as high-end or novelty vehicles to retain their value for long-distance transport as it helps avoid increased miles or potential driver error. To ensure the best possible care with your vehicle, you can trust Highway 30 Towing experts.

Conventional Towing (Wheel Lift Tow Truck)

In most situations, conventional towing, or wheel-lift towing, is sufficient. The process involves lifting the front wheels off the ground to easily tow the vehicle. Most people can easily imagine the process to transport the vehicles this way since it is one of the oldest and most common methods used. To properly execute wheel lift towing services Highway 30 Towing specialists to deliver a higher standard in vehicle transport needs to our valued customers.

Winching Services

In unique situations and is very applicable in addition to other towing method types, winching, or winch-out towing, is commonly used. Typically, this option is reserved to get vehicles out of tight spots or unstable terrain such as out of ditches or out from sand, mud, snow, or water. With Idaho having unpredictable weather and terrain, winch out towing services are readily available to rescue your vehicle to safety.

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