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Nothing will ruin your day quite like a flat tire. They usually come at the most inopportune times too. When this unexpected disaster strikes, you need to be prepared to handle it. Not only do you need to know what to do for your safety, but the more prepared you are, the sooner you will be back up and on the road, headed back in the right direction. Highway 30 Towing is here to share some tips to help you deal with a flat tire.

Flat Tire While Parked

If you’re lucky, you find that you have a flat tire when your car is already parked. The first thing you need to do is inspect the tire. There are many objects that can cause a flat tire including staples, nails, screws and other debris. Sometimes, you have a tire that is simply low on air, but if you have a flat tire in a short period of time, chances are you have run something foreign over. If you happen to find the puncture, you will need to put the spare tire on. It is important to note that even if you have a spare tire on and can drive, you need to drive much slower and immediately go to a tire repair shop to get a new tire put on or the old one repaired.

Dangers of Driving with a Flat Tire

Depending on how fast you are driving, getting a flat tire while driving can be scary. You may not hear the flat tire happen, but when your tire loses air, you will definitely feel it. Your vehicle will feel lopsided and you won’t be able to gain any speed. The first thing you need to do is get off the road. Hopefully there is a sizeable shoulder you can pull over on or a side road that gets you out of the line of traffic. It is extremely important that you don’t attempt to drive with a flat tire. This can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

I Have a Flat with No Spare!

Some car manufacturers don’t include a spare tire when they sell you a car. If this happens to be the case and you notice there isn’t one there before you get a flat tire, you need to purchase one and keep it in your car. It isn’t a bad idea to have a tire repair kit in your vehicle as well. At any rate, if you have a tire blowout and don’t have a spare tire, you are going to need a reputable towing company like Highway 30 Towing to come help you get back on the road.

Roadside Assistance & Towing Services in Cassia, Gooding, Jerome & Twin Falls Counties in Magic Valley, Idaho & Jackpot, Northern Nevada

We are available anytime you may find yourself in need of our roadside assistance. If you have a flat tire, you can count on our team of professionals to help you get the spare tire on or give you a tow to the repair shop to get it fixed. Call us today!

No one ever enjoys experiencing a breakdown. It can be a stressful situation especially when you are already running late for a pressing engagement. Also, adding more frustration is trying to reach a family member or friend that do not have the opportunity to offer assistance, and in some cases they are not even an option. You can have quick and convenient access to get rescued and have a reliable roadside assistance company programmed in your cell phone for such emergencies. Though depending on your location, you may have to wait for a bit, most companies will respond as quickly as possible. Today, we at Highway 30 Towing would like to suggest advice on what you could do to keep you and your care safe while you wait for assistance.

Safe Removal of Vehicle Out of Traffic

Get your vehicle out of the way of traffic only if it is safe and you’re capable. If the vehicle is left in traffic, people not paying attention can collide with it. When trying to get your car to safety, avoid curves whenever possible and instead use the straightest path. You may be able to get your vehicle to coast to an optimal safe area in some situations. In the event you cannot remove the vehicle from traffic, flip on your hazard lights on and request law enforcement assistance to get your vehicle out of the flow of traffic.

Improve Visibility of Car

You want to make it visible to avoid accidental collisions and make it noticeable for the professional roadside assistance experts. Both during the day and night, make sure your hazard lights are flipped on. To help other motorists not mistake your vehicle for an operational vehicle, after dark, turn on the interior lights on for extra visibility. Placing them accordingly to increase visibility if you happen to have flares or hazard triangles. Also, roadside assistance professionals can spot you easier by raising your hood up. Other drivers will clearly see your car is disabled and roadside.

Call for Towing or Roadside Assistance

Call for roadside assistance following the action of getting your vehicle situated. With the help of a professional you can better have the expertise to get your vehicle back on your way. You can also call for law enforcement if your vehicle is stuck in traffic where safety is a major concern to get your vehicle out of the way until roadside assistance arrives. You can easily make the necessary call due to most people owning a mobile phone service. Even if you do not have a cellphone or having limitations with your cellphone, many people have cellphones and keep in a mind, there are emergency phone boxes available where you can call for assistance.

Stay within Close Proximity to Your Vehicle

It is critical for you stay in or near your vehicle, whichever is safer, when you have done all you can do, and you are simply waiting for help to come. Stay behind the barrier if the circumstances are favorable and safety barriers are available. It is best to stay in your vehicle with the seat belt fastened if the traffic is high.

Roadside Assistance & Towing Services in Cassia, Gooding, Jerome & Twin Falls Counties in Magic Valley, Idaho & Jackpot, Northern Nevada

We are your one stop shop should you are looking for a reputable roadside assistance and mechanic. Call Highway 30 Towing if you need roadside assistance if you are looking for a reputable roadside assistance and mechanic, we are your one stop shop.


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