Highway 30 Towing serves the Greater Magic Valley area in Idaho with high quality towing and roadside assistance services. To maximize our services, our team of certified experts utilize our well maintained vehicles, advanced equipment, and premium products. We are fully licensed and insured to give our valued customers the confidence in our authenticity of professionals. Highway 30 Towing understands that being stranded on the road or stuck in location due to a down vehicle is a stressful situation, as a result, we strive to get to your location as fast as possible and deliver superior results with friendly customer service and professional ethics on a consistent basis.

Flatbed Towing

Highway 30 Towing offers a few solutions for towing needs in Twin Falls, ID and surrounding areas. Flatbed towing is one of our most versatile methods we offer. Flatbed towing utilizes a heavy-duty platform where the vehicle is loaded onto the platform and secured by all four wheels. Due to the versatility of the flatbed towing, it is often the preferred method. Flatbed towing is a safe, time-saving method that keeps the vehicle off the road and safely on top of the platform. Flatbed towing applies to nearly any vehicle in various conditions.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Wheel lift towing is a standard method of towing that we of Highway 30 Towing use in the Greater Twin Falls, Idaho area. This method usually has a few restrictions but is still a dependable option for towing. Our towing specialists secured steel pins secured in place where the brackets are fitted in front of and behind the drive wheels of the vehicle. The wheels are cradled between the brackets when the tow truck mechanism lifts the vehicle.

How Does Towing a Car Work?

Where each of these towing methods have ideal circumstances to be used when your vehicle in the Magic Valley area requires a tow, Highway 30 Towing technicians select which option is best for the individual’s surrounding factors. Wheel lift towing is especially useful in a tight area where it offers more maneuverable in the manipulation of the of the vehicle. Where most scenarios involve our professionals using flatbed towing, wheel lift towing is equally applicable in towing needs.

Quality Towing Services

No matter which towing method is used or preferred, you can count on the expertise of Highway 30 Towing of Twin Falls, ID to ensure all safety and caution is applied. Our specialists take care of your vehicle to prevent further damage and ensure the vehicle arrives at its intended destination. With each vehicle and predicament assessed, our experienced towing technicians can help you get your vehicle towed in the most efficient way possible. We are quick to respond to your location and are available 24/7 so you always have an ally when you are in a situation that requires the helpful advantages of a towing service.

Towing, Roadside Assistance & Cash for Cars in Cassia, Gooding, Jerome & Twin Falls Counties in Magic Valley, Idaho & Jackpot, Northern Nevada

When you need a tow in Twin Falls, Idaho and surrounding areas, call in the leading experts of Highway 30 Towing for assistance. Be sure to get our contact information saved in your cellphone to reach us quickly and conveniently.