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Checklist for Best Roadside Emergency Breakdown Kit in Buhl, ID; Jumper Cables, Reflector Triangle, Road Flares & More

There are many reasons that causes a vehicle to become inoperable, whether it is an accident, driver error, or mechanical failure. We safely navigate the vehicle to the shoulder of… more »

Symptoms & Dangers of Driving with Bald Tires in Twin Falls, ID to Help You Avoid a Flat Tire or Car Accident

An important element is driving on healthy tires when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. Typically, from time and use, tires bald and all too often, drivers will… more »

Driving in Heavy Rain, Wind, Fog or Snowy Weather or Bad Road Conditions in Jackpot, NV to Avoid a Car Crash

It is important to practice defensive driving if you don’t already, since the weather can take a turn at any time. It may surprise you that weather conditions beyond ice… more »

What to Do if You Get a Flat Tire While Parked or Driving in Paul, ID; Call Roadside Assistance to Avoid Car Damage!

Nothing will ruin your day quite like a flat tire. They usually come at the most inopportune times too. When this unexpected disaster strikes, you need to be prepared to… more »

Tips when Waiting for Roadside Assistance in Heyburn, ID; Safe Removal of Vehicle Out of Traffic, Improve Visibility & More

No one ever enjoys experiencing a breakdown. It can be a stressful situation especially when you are already running late for a pressing engagement. Also, adding more frustration is trying… more »

Why You Should NOT DIY Towing in Rupert, ID; Pedestrian & Motorist Safety, Specialized Tow Trucks & More

When a vehicle breakdown is experienced, quite a few people are eager to get their vehicle to the repair shop, or at least off the public streets or parking lots,… more »

How Can You Avoid Getting Flat Tires in Shoshone, ID; Tire Rotation, Recommended Pressure, Vehicle Capacity & More

No one has the time for a flat tire. It seems like something that happens when you least expect it, and are in a hurry to get somewhere. While there… more »

What Does Different Exhaust Colored Exhaust Pipe Smoke Mean in Hazelton, ID? Blue, Gray, Black or White Color?

Unfortunately, there are times when the exhaust expelling out of your tailpipe are different colors, though usually, the exhaust coming from the vehicle is invisible. Where some problems are far… more »

Towing Tips in Jerome, ID; Plan Ahead for when You Need a Tow, Call Your Towing Recovery Company & More

Inconveniences are typically preferred to be avoided. Should such an event, especially if it is in unfamiliar territory, it can be fairly stressful. Having your vehicle towed can be such… more »

Car Battery Jump Start in Wendell, ID; Professional Roadside Assistance VS DIY that Could Cause Vehicle Damage

There are countless reasons as to why the battery to your vehicle fails, most of which are human errors, but they can drain due to weather, temperature, age, and other… more »


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