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Car Towing Options in Shosone, ID; Winch Outs, Flatbed & Conventional Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

Traveling on the roads comes with many variables from the vehicle, to weather and road conditions. Whether you are sticking to the town limits of Twin Falls, ID or planning… more »

Why is Check Engine Light On in Curry, ID? Bad Ignition Coil, Oxygen Sensor Fail & More

There are many emotions experienced when the check engine light illuminates. The light is an indication of a varying issues ranging from minor to major. Abnormal sounds coming from the… more »

Emergency Automotive Roadside Kit Checklist in Jackpot, NV; Jumper Cables, Spare Tire & More

As we travel much of our area is rural and sometimes the distance between our destinations can exceed a hundred miles or so. To ensure our survival and peace of… more »

Roadside Assistance Services in Kimberly, ID; Flat Tire Changes, Auto Lockouts, Jump Starts & More

Time is money. Commercial, business and corporate fleets that are in need will appreciate a quick response to either get that company nag a jump start or fill the gas… more »

Summer Roadside Emergency Kit in Rupert, ID; Water, Sun Shade, Jumper Cables, Flares & More

Here in Idaho most people recognize the importance of having an excellent wintertime roadside emergency kit in their car at all time during the winter months but not everyone thinks… more »

What is Aquaplaning in Driving & How to Prevent a Hydroplaning Car Accident in Jerome, ID

Aquaplaning is a common effect for people driving in the rain. The phenomenon of aquaplaning can severely affect the way vehicles drive as the wet and slippery roads and the… more »

Road Safety Driving Tips in Gooding, ID; Defensive Driving Techniques to Avoid a Car Accident

Defensive driving techniques and safe driving should be applied all year long, by everyone. The busier the roads get, the more vigilant we need to be to stay safe on… more »

Best Snow Chains for Cars & Trucks in Cassia, ID; How to Put On to Avoid a Car Accident & More

Highway 30 Towing wants to educate our customers today on what snow chains are and why they are important. Wikipedia defines snow chains as “devices fitted to the tires of… more »

Beginners Guide to Driving in Snow in Twin Falls, ID; Winter Car Emergency Kit & More

Each season brings its own unique set of pros and cons. Summer brings beach vacations and swimming; fall brings beautiful temperatures and leaves; winter brings snow and all of the… more »

Front or Rear Tire Blowout Damage in Jerome, ID? Who to Call when Tire Sidewall Blows Out

Tire blowouts can be scary and disastrous if they aren’t dealt with the right way. You’ll be driving along when you hear a loud BOOM, then there will a sudden… more »


Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, run out of gas or have locked yourself out of your vehicle, Highway 30 Towing can come to your rescue. We take pride in assisting stranded motorists in the Magic Valley region.


Highway 30 Towing provides fast, safe and professional towing services at the most reasonable rates possible. We employ only the finest, skilled towing professionals & spare no expense on safety and training.


Don’t just junk your old cars and trucks; get cash for them with Highway 30 Towing. We will buy your junk cars and trucks; any year, make, model or condition (running and not running) and give you cash for them today!

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