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Why are Tow Trucks Busy in the Spring in Hagerman, ID? Towing for Road Trip Breakdowns, Car Accidents & More

The need for tow trucks exists all year round. There is not a time of year that cars just don’t break down or that there are not car accidents. Each… more »

Challenges with Electric Vehicles to Help Prevent Needing a Tow in Gooding, ID; Dead Car Battery & More

One of the type of vehicles that more and more people are choosing to purchase are electric cars. The world is always evolving into ways that we can take better… more »

What Kind of Oil Does My Car Use in Oakley, ID; Conventional or Synthetic Oil Change Interval & More

There are fluids in your car that need to be replenished and replaced. The fluids are a part of what makes the car run smoothly and at the correct temperature…. more »

Towing FAQ in Burley, ID; Tow Truck Driver Training, Methods for Transporting All Wheel Drive Vehicles & More

Consumers generally have questions to better understand procedures, services, or basic understanding of how things operate. The most optimal way of finding the most accurate answers, is to seek advice… more »

Top Reasons to Call a Towing Company in Bellevue, ID; Car Accident, Fuel Delivery, Overheating Vehicle & More

It seems that as time moves on people have become more and more busy. There are lots of places to be and people to see and not enough time in… more »

White or Other Color Smoke from Exhaust that Could Leave You Stranded Needing a Tow in Hailey, ID

When it comes to your car or truck you want to make sure that it is in top condition. Most people rely on their vehicle to get them around and… more »

How to Drive on Snow Covered Roads in Sun Valley, ID; Reduce Speed & Other Winter Driving Safety Tips

If you live somewhere that gets snow in the winter months, you know that there are a whole different set of rules for driving in it. Sometimes it is unavoidable… more »

Car, Truck or Van Towed in Ketchum, ID? Difference Between Private Property Towing & Municipal Impound Tows

An abundant amount of driver’s experience having their vehicle towed and as a rather frustrating experience, it inconveniently occurs during the midst of a busy schedule. Having your vehicle towed… more »

Car Battery Basics in Hollister, ID; Troubleshooting, How Hot & Cold Weather Can Affect, Jumpstart Fix & More

Everyone experiences a drained battery from time to time. A battery is a necessary element to the vehicle and a down battery will make the vehicle inoperable. Fortunately, the bad… more »

Should I Fix My Car or Junk it in Hansen, ID? Common Car Parts that Need Repair or Replacing & More

Unless it is a classic, there comes a time when fixing a car gets more expensive than replacing it. Every mechanical component is designed with a finite life span. The… more »


Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, run out of gas or have locked yourself out of your vehicle, Highway 30 Towing can come to your rescue. We take pride in assisting stranded motorists in the Magic Valley region.


Highway 30 Towing provides fast, safe and professional towing services at the most reasonable rates possible. We employ only the finest, skilled towing professionals & spare no expense on safety and training.


Don’t just junk your old cars and trucks; get cash for them with Highway 30 Towing. We will buy your junk cars and trucks; any year, make, model or condition (running and not running) and give you cash for them today!

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