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It seems that as time moves on people have become more and more busy. There are lots of places to be and people to see and not enough time in a day to accomplish it all. Kids have to be at practice and other activities. You also have to be at work and school and get food for the house and so much more. When it comes to how you get there your car is something that is a necessity. When you start to have trouble with your vehicle it can put a real damper on the day. Having problem with your car is something that no one is ready to have but when it happens you have to know how to handle it. There are many times that someone needs to call for a tow truck and have their vehicle taken to a garage to repair it. Highway 30 Towing outlines the top reasons to call for a tow truck.

Towing After a Car Accident

When it comes to driving around town you will notice that not everyone is giving the road their attention. This can lead to an accident that you are involved in and can cause damage to your car. A car accident is just that an accident and that means that no one intended to allow it to happen. When it does happen you have to be ready to take care of things that come after. Of course making sure that everyone is safe and any injuries are handled is the start. Once that is addressed you want to make sure your car is taken care of. Many of the cars that are involved in an accident are not able to be driven and need to be towed. This is the top reason that people call for a tow truck.

Fuel Delivery when You Run Out Of Gas

With the chaos of running your errands, it can have you trying to spread your gas out further and further. This means that you might let the gas light stay on and going just a little too far. This is what leads to the next reason that someone needs to call for a tow truck. Your car can run out of gas and that will leave you on the side of the road and stranded. The only way to get out is to try and hike to the next gas station or to call a tow truck which is the much safer option.

Towing Overheating Car

One of the problems that your car might end up having is when it overheats. The overheating of the engine can be from a bad radiator or if the fluids are not full. The engine needs to stay cool and if it is overheating there is trouble coming. If you continue to drive your car when the engine is overheating it can cause the block to crack or the motor to seize. When this happens the car will not be able to be driven and you will need expensive repairs. That is why the best answer to an overheating car is to call a tow truck to move it to the repair shop safety.

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When it comes to your car or truck you want to make sure that it is in top condition. Most people rely on their vehicle to get them around and that is why it is a good idea to understand what could go wrong. The great thing about a car is that there are warning signs that are given to tell you to stop driving and call a tow truck. Of course you can rely on your dash lights that will tell you that you need to see a service technician or worse. You also can listen and look for things that are out of the ordinary and one of them is smoke. It is good to assume that any smoke coming from your car is not good and should be looked at. The exhaust system can at times let off smoke and the color of the smoke can indicate what the issue might be. Highway 30 Towing outlines what the smoke coming from your car means.

Blue Colored Exhaust Smoke

There are several colors of smoke that might be coming from your cars exhaust. Each of them is usually a sign that there is a problem and you should have them repaired right away. The color can be hard to distinguish but they each have a tint to help understand what the issue might be. The first thing that you should look for is blue smoke coming from your exhaust. If this is the color that you are seeing it is likely you have an oil leak. The oil is getting on the engine and burning and that could lead to major damage. You want to stop driving the car and have it towed to a mechanic right away. If you continue to drive the vehicle with an oil leak it can lead to the engine seizing.

Black Colored Exhaust Smoke

When you are driving your car there are times that you might see black smoke. Black smoke is a sign that your car is struggling to burn the fuel in the proper way. The fuel should burn at the correct rate and that can only happen when the car is in good condition. The black smoke means that you could have an issue with your fuel injection system. You also could have filters that are blocked and it means that you need to have your car repaired. The black smoke is often accompanied by a reduction in the fuel efficiency as well.

White Smoke from Exhaust

This is one of the worst colors of smoke that can come from your exhaust. You may start to see white smoke that is coming out of the car when you are driving and even at a standstill. The color is due to a problem with the head gasket. When there is a crack in the head gasket the coolant that is there to cool the car down is leaking into the motor. This will create white smoke that needs to be addressed right away. You do not want to allow the car to be driven any further.

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