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Here in Idaho most people recognize the importance of having an excellent wintertime roadside emergency kit in their car at all time during the winter months but not everyone thinks about switching it over to a summertime roadside emergency kit. The roadside emergency kit that you prepared for the winter will not have all of the things that you will need during the summer months. So today Highway 30 Towing is going to go over some of the important things that you will want to make sure that you have in your car.

Pack Emergency Water in Car when Going on Road Trip

In the summer months you will need to make sure that you have plenty of water in your trunk at all times. If you end up on the side of the road and you do not have any water you can become dehydrated very quickly. We recommend that if you are planning a road trip during the summer you pack one gallon of water per person in your vehicle.

Packing Blankets in Vehicle Make Great Sun Shade

When you start going through your winter roadside emergency kit you will have some blankets in your car still. You will probably not need the blanket to stay warm but you can use it to shade you and your family from the blistering sun. You can hang the blanket in the window to help your family stay cool.

Sunscreen in Emergency Car Kit

Another item that you will want to make sure you have now that the weather is warming up is sunscreen. If you are on the side of the road working on your car or waiting for a tow truck you will want to have sunscreen. Getting sunburned is painful and not healthy for you. When you break down you will want to get out that sunscreen and lather your family up while you wait for us to get there.

Summer Roadside Emergency Kit

These items will be in addition to the items that you keep in your roadside emergency kit on a regular basis. Let’s review some of the other items that you will want to keep in your car as well.
Car snacks: You never know how long you will be on the side of the road before help arrives. Here at Highway 30 Towing we try and get to you as soon as we can but snacks can help while you wait.
First aid kit in car: A first aid kit will come in handy for many different reasons. If you are on a road trip and someone has a little accident somehow you will have Band-Aids and any other medical supplies necessary. It will also be helpful if you are in a car accident and someone gets hurt.
Jumper cables: One of the frequent issues that drivers have is a dead battery. If you have jumper cables you will be able to get another car to help you jump your car and get you back on the road right away.
Vehicle tool kit: If you need to make repairs while on the side of the road you will be glad that you have a tool kit with you. You only need to have basic tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches.
Flashlight in vehicle: Doing repairs at night is trick y if you do not have a flashlight in your roadside emergency kit.
Flares or reflective hazard triangles: When you are on the side of the road you want other drivers to be able to see you so that you can keep your family safe. Putting flares or reflective hazard triangles up will help them see you.

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Before the weather gets hot Highway 30 Towing hopes that you will take the time to switch over your roadside emergency kit to include some of the items that will help you stay safe in the summer. Contact us for all your towing and roadside assistance needs.


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