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Archives: February 2015

We definitely live in a do it yourself society. While this is an empowering trend in many situations, it can also endanger many untrained individuals who allow ambition to override normal inhibition. As towing professionals here at Highway 30 Towing, we have spent years gaining experience so that we can provide the highest quality towing that Magic Valley drivers can find! We feel like we have seen it all from promising attempts at self-towing to many catastrophes that have resulted in permanent damage. This blog is intended to inform any motorist of the risks involved in self towing and hopefully to deter them from attempting it. Towing is a serious business and if you are in the Twin Falls area, it is wise to contact a professional towing company like Highway 30 Towing for assistance.

What Happens if You Exceed Towing Capacity & Other DIY Towing Risks

If you don’t, here are a few costly and dangerous scenarios that you could be looking at:
Equipment Failure: One of the worst things that can happen when you try to tow a vehicle yourself is equipment failure caused by user error; usually improperly hooked up trailers and dollies. Highway 30 Towing’s experienced tow truck drivers know how to hook up your vehicle safely.
Exceeding Tow Rating: If your dolly or trailer is not rated to tow the amount of weight you intend to, a break is inevitable and can lead to a serious accident and even death! At Highway 30 Towing, we know our limits and the best tow truck and equipment to use, no matter what situation you find yourself in.
Pushing Tow Rope Limits: Tow ropes can be extremely helpful but they are never intended for extended use. A tow rope used beyond its limits will break, which can launch the car being towed into traffic or cause it to collide with the vehicle towing it. Highway 30 Towing is constantly inspecting and replacing our tow ropes.
Increased Mass Maneuvering: It will take longer to speed up and longer to slow down with any additional mass on your vehicle. Our tow truck drivers are trained and experienced with plenty of practice under their belt. We provide damage free towing from beginning to end.
Turning: Turning with a trailer is completely different and should be handled with extreme caution. Highway 30 Towing knows that for safety’s sake; taking turns more slowly is best.
Poor Visibility: Depending upon the vehicle being used for towing, many trailers, campers, or boat hitches you might attempt to tow a vehicle with can block your view of the side mirrors. This is a danger to the driver’s visibility of the road. Highway 30’s tow trucks have proper mirrors that can see all the way around the tow truck.
Signals: It is essential to make sure your trailer or dolly hooks up to your vehicle correctly as the most important part of responsible driving is communicating with those around you. Highway 30 Towing has well maintained equipment and our technicians will ensure that everything is hooked up correctly.
Correct Tire Pressure: Blow outs on a car are bad enough but with a trailer attached, a tire blowout is much worse. At Highway 30 Towing, we are conscientious of even the smallest maintenance needs like checking and maintaining the correct tire pressure.

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In conclusion, towing is a huge undertaking. One that without training and practice can result in serious damage and/or danger to you and those on the road around you. Hopefully you will now see the wisdom in having your car or truck in the Twin Falls area towed by professionals like Highway 30 Towing rather than attempting to tow it yourself.


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