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If you live somewhere that gets snow in the winter months, you know that there are a whole different set of rules for driving in it. Sometimes it is unavoidable and you have to go no matter how awful the weather may be. It is important that you are more cautious as you set out in a snow storm to get to your destination. That’s why Highway 30 Towing is here today to share some winter weather driving tips to keep you safe on the snowiest of days.

Tips for Driving in the Snow

Following are our best tips for driving in the snow.
– Stay Home During Winter Snow Storms: If it is at all possible, you should stay home when a winter snow storm hits. Sometimes it just isn’t worth the risk. We know that there will be times you have to leave, but if it is possible, stay put.
– Drive Slow in Snow: The roads are likely slippery when there is snow on them. You need to drive much slower than you normally would during a storm. Give yourself plenty of time to make stops when needed.
– Don’t Follow Cars Too Closely: You should give yourself plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you. You don’t know how long it will take for you to get stopped should the need arise. You never know if the person in front of your will start sliding out of control and you will need the space to avoid an accident if this is the case.
– Check Your Brakes: You need to know that you can count on your brakes to work well if you are driving in winter weather. In the case that you need your brakes, apply pressure on that pedal slowly for the best results.
– Avoid Stopping if Possible: It may not always be possible to avoid stopping, but you will find that stopping your car is going to be much more difficult when you are dealing with bad weather. Avoid it if you can.
– Keep Your Phone Charged: You never know what is going to happen when you set off to travel in winter road conditions. You need to have a phone in the case that you need to call for help if you get stuck somewhere. Make sure you have everything you need to keep your phone charged and avoid driving in areas that don’t get good service.
– Be Prepared to Get Stranded in Snow: Have extra blankets and water in your vehicle just in case you get stranded and you need to stay warm and hydrated. Be prepared for the worst.

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If you find that you are stuck in severe weather and your car isn’t working properly or you have slid off the road, you can count on Highway 30 Towing to offer quick response times to your call for help. We will be there to tow your vehicle or provide roadside assistance in no time to get you out of the cold and back to safety. Call us today!

An abundant amount of driver’s experience having their vehicle towed and as a rather frustrating experience, it inconveniently occurs during the midst of a busy schedule. Having your vehicle towed can be a rather big inconvenience under most situations. Should you have experienced a tow recently, you may have some complication as to how you can best reclaim your vehicle in a rapid and effective manner. Knowing the differences between a private tow and a municipal tow can contribute to the lowest possible cost and to recover your vehicle faster. Considering this, today, we at Highway 30 Towing would like to compare municipal towing versus privates towing.

Municipal Impound Towing

Should your vehicle get towed, a municipal tow is when directly towed under orders of governmental agency, generally speaking. Improper government-owned or public roadway parking leads to municipal towing as a consequence. The agencies responsible for the order or execution of municipal tows typically include federal or state park rangers, police department, and other the enforcement departments. To begin looking for answers regarding the information associated with a municipal towing is inquiring with the local police department. Though their various alternative, after the official towing, vehicles are usually retained at the city-owned impound. In many occasions rely on private towing companies and privately owned impound lots to hold towed vehicles and contract with specific private towing companies. You will need to track down and request to the specific agency executed or ordered the towing of your vehicle, since you need to receive clearance from that agency prior to picking up your vehicle. To avoid a wasted trip to the impound lot and incur extra fees, be sure to check sooner rather than later when you need that pertinent information.

Private Property Tows

To remove an unauthorized vehicle from private property as a private landowner calling for a towing service in Twin Falls, ID, you need to contact a private towing company. Though there are traditional public spaces that people presume apply, shopping center parking lots and hospital parking areas and other instances are private parking spaces. If your vehicle was towed by a private landowner, the signs posted with the number of their towing service in Twin Falls private parking lots is the best place to start looking for your vehicle, generally. To pick up and reclaim your vehicle, you will need assistance with your proceedings with the steps as well. When you call that number to confirm that your car was indeed towed and not stolen, the representative can help you proceed with the steps necessary to pick up and reclaim your vehicle. In order to learn the information about having an unauthorized vehicle removed from your own property or how you can retrieve a towed vehicle in the event you are unsure about the towing needs you can consult with a professional towing service in Twin Falls, ID.

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When you need towing and roadside assistance services in the Greater Twin Falls, ID, the professionals of Highway 30 Towing is readily available to assist you. Contact us today!

Everyone experiences a drained battery from time to time. A battery is a necessary element to the vehicle and a down battery will make the vehicle inoperable. Fortunately, the bad battery can be rejuvenated in most cases with a simple jumpstart, though in some cases, a battery will need a replacement. Since the battery places a major role in the vehicle, we at Highway 30 Towing would like to discuss a bit of the basics for your today.

Car Battery Life Calculator

The lifespan can be reduced under various circumstances; however, it typically will last around 6 years. The lifespan is often reduced due to multiple discharge/recharge cycles or when you operate headlights and interior lights or other electronics with the engine off. To protect the battery, avoid leaving the electronics plugged in like GPS, cell phones etc. Also, avoid unnecessary draining by ensuring you turn the headlights and interior lights off.

Signs of a Weak or Bad Car Battery

The battery is likely running out of juice when you notice a slow cranking on startup or seeing the battery warning light illuminate on the dashboard. The battery is winding down should the vehicle electronics like remote locks or interior lights randomly stop working. Proper disposal of a spent battery is essential since the battery acid and other corrosive materials hazardous.

Hot & Cold Weather Can Affect Car Battery

The performance and life of the battery can be negatively impacted by the weather. The people that spend many days in warm weather will likely experience a battery the lacks the ability to hold a charge since the heat in these climates evaporate the battery solution. Where too many people will fill the battery with water to compensate the loss, the water contains minerals and impurities that can damage battery cells. A rotten egg smell manifests from the solution’s sulfur. Avoid this tactic and stick to a battery replacement.
On the flip side, the cold winters other people may face often experience their vehicle is having difficulty getting started since the extremely low temperatures will freeze a battery, the cold reduces the solution’s ability to transfer full power. Installing a battery with a higher CCA (cold cranking amp) rating is ideal is a common misconception as it cannot assist vehicle computers regulate the amperage that is required for startup.

Troubleshooting Dead Car Battery

As a likely suspect, the dead battery is often the stem of potential issues, but there is an assortment of parts that can cause similar symptoms. A faulty starter motor making the same symptoms appear as a dead battery, there is a clicking sound as you turn the key. Contributing to a no-start condition the alternator fails from when the engine is on the battery won’t recharge. Common imitators of complete battery failure is when the electricity flow is prevented from the worn-out spark plugs or clogged fuel injectors or worn-out spark plugs of if the battery terminals are coated with corrosion. With a wire brush or steel wool, clean the terminals to restore the battery’s performance.

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Should you find the need for battery jump in the Greater Magic Valley Region and surrounding areas, call Highway 30 Towing.


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