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Each season brings its own unique set of pros and cons. Summer brings beach vacations and swimming; fall brings beautiful temperatures and leaves; winter brings snow and all of the fun activities that accompany it; and spring brings flowers and warmer temperatures. There are different things that drivers need to be aware of in each season as well. As the temperatures drop, ice and snow will soon start to be on roads across the country. Highway 30 Towing wants to make sure that you know how to drive safely on the winter roads so we put some amazing tips together for you.

Test Car Battery & Window Washer Fluid Level

The first thing you can do is some simple car maintenance. Your car battery will weaken as the weather grows colder. Experts say that after three winters you may need to replace your car battery. You can test the strength of your battery for free at many auto parts stores. You will also want to check your windshield washer fluid and engine antifreeze levels. If you live in an area that frequently gets snow you will want to use an appropriate windshield washer fluid.

Winter Car Emergency Kit

Your car preparation also needs to extend to your trunk. It is important to have an emergency roadside assistance in your trunk that has items that would be helpful if you get stuck in the snow. Some good things to include are snow chains, snow brush or ice scraper, and blankets. You will also want to have the items that are in your traditional roadside assistance kits like battery jumper cables, flashlight, water, and flares.

Drive Slow in Snow & Ice

When you are driving in the snow there are several driving tips you will want to keep in your head. Driving slowly is one of the most important tips that you will want to remember. When there is snow or ice on the road all maneuvers take longer and are less predictable than when the road is dry. Braking especially can take longer. Give yourself plenty of space between you and the car in front of you so that if you slow down you do not hit the car in front of you with your decreased stopping speed. Driving too fast in the snow or ice can make your car slide on the road. If your car is sliding on the road you are likely to be in accident.

How to Use Brakes in Snow

Try not to stop on ice or snow unless you have to. If you are driving carefully many times you can drive in a way that will allow you to not stop. Not stopping on ice or snow can help your car not slide, hit the person in front of you due to slower stopping speeds, and helps you avoid getting stuck in the snow.

Ensure You Have Plenty of Gas when Driving in snow

You do not want to let the gas in your car get too low when you are driving in snow or ice. Your gas can freeze up if it is less than half full. Having more gas in your car will also help if you are traveling extra slow and go through more gas then anticipated before getting to the next gas station. If weather conditions are very stormy we recommend that you delay your trip until the weather settles down.

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We wish you the best as your travel on roads that are snowy or icy. Hopefully the tips above will help you and your family stay safe. If you do find yourself on the side of the road this winter give Highway 30 Towing a call. We offer roadside assistance and towing services that can help you in case you run into any problems.


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