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When you call a towing company like Highway 30 Towing, there are a few things you can do to make your experience as stress free as possible. We understand that breakdowns aren’t planned and are a stressful situation to say the least This blog is intended to offer some helpful tips to keep you safe and calm until we arrive on the scene!


Remember Safety First:
Be aware of your immediate environment. Pay attention to traffic, visibility and temperature and take action to protect your passengers and yourself accordingly. This could mean getting off the roadway or up an embankment. It is not safe to be on a roadway outside of your vehicle! The Twin Falls and Magic Valley area experiences an extreme range of temperatures throughout the year. It’s a good idea to always have drinkable water, some snacks such as granola bars on hand as well as a blanket, no matter whether you are stranded in the hot sun or cold snow.


Before you call, help the towing company by having the following information and items ready if possible:
• Vehicle year, make and model
• Contact phone number
• Keys to the vehicle (having the keys to unlock the steering and take the vehicle out of park makes the towing procedure much easier and safer)
• Note any flat tires
• Note whether your vehicle rolls and steers


Towing, Roadside Assistance & Cash for Cars in Cassia, Gooding, Jerome & Twin Falls Counties in Magic Valley, Idaho & Jackpot, Northern Nevada

It’s a good idea to have Highway Towing 30 saved in your phone contacts as you never know when you might be stranded and need towing to a mechanic auto repair shop, your home or another destination. Other times, you may just need roadside assistance. Highway 30 Towing can meet all your towing and roadside assistance needs including if you have a flat tire, have run out of gas, need a jumpstart or have locked your keys in the car. Contact Highway 30 Towing today. We are just a quick phone call away!


Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, run out of gas or have locked yourself out of your vehicle, Highway 30 Towing can come to your rescue. We take pride in assisting stranded motorists in the Magic Valley region.


Highway 30 Towing provides fast, safe and professional towing services at the most reasonable rates possible. We employ only the finest, skilled towing professionals & spare no expense on safety and training.


Don’t just junk your old cars and trucks; get cash for them with Highway 30 Towing. We will buy your junk cars and trucks; any year, make, model or condition (running and not running) and give you cash for them today!

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