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Modern vehicles are fairly reliable these days and are not so quick to break down, but it can still occur. Whether it happens due to driver error, mechanical, electrical, or computer failure or other unforeseeable signs, there are times when you simply need the assistance of a towing company. But recognizing the signs of an illegitimate or poor quality towing company is essential. No matter if it is for basic roadside assistance services or towing services, it is important to know what quality your services are. Since not all towing companies are created equal, we at Highway 30 Towing would like to share some of the red flags that the towing professional you called may not be legitimate or they simply are not interested in quality.

Signs of an Inferior, Poor Quality Towing Company

1) Slow Response Time for Tow Truck. More often than night, when you need the help of a towing company, whether if it is for a tow or roadside assistance services, you are relying on a professional that can deliver a fast response to your location. There is no obligation from any towing company saying they will get to their customer in a specific time period because location and circumstances vary. But typically, towing company’s average up to 30 minutes for a response. Any company that delays their response over 30 minutes is an indication of a lack of professional courtesy, and should be unacceptable. However, please consider your location especially with this red flag.
2) Tow Truck Driver’s Appearance is Unprofessional. The appearance of the staff to most businesses is very important and the towing industry is no exception. Towing isn’t the cleanest of jobs so you can’t expect a clean and crisp technician, but they should be fairly presentable. Torn uniforms, uniformed, excessive staining, and so on all point to low a quality towing company. Most reputable towing companies will keep their staff in presentable attire. Their employees are a reflection of their business and when their drivers are as professional as possible in appearance, demeanor, and services rendered, it only elevates their status.
3) Poorly Maintained Towing Vehicles & Equipment. Not only is the appearance of the tow truck drivers important, but the condition of the truck, equipment and tools are as well. The vehicles should look well maintained and they can pass the most credulous of inspections. The equipment should look of high-quality, well cared for, and in optimal condition. If the gear looks filthy, rusted, or has grit, grime, oil, and other debris built up, and the towing vehicles look like they are in even worse shape, this is an obvious sign they are unprofessional and do not value their line of work. It is best to avoid any further services in the future.
4) Towing Technician is Inexperienced. If the technician is visibly anxious or nervous, avoids answering questions or clearly displays actions that shows they do not know what they are doing, the company is not worth your business. Quality towing companies have experienced tow truck drivers, or at the very least take the time to properly train drivers new to the industry so they are ready to undertake the responsibilities of services offered.

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