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For most of us changing a tire is an inconvenience and we think little of it. Many male and female alike when faced with this situation feel a little inadequate. And for the elderly changing a tire it becomes a self-inflicted pain fest. Ever try changing a tire on an overpass within the confined area of a roadside? It is scary to say the least. Roadside assistance to the rescue!

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Roadside services can change a tire, deliver fuel or give you a jump. For those who think they can’t and those who suffer physical disabilities roadside assistance is likened to a breath of fresh air, the gallant knights have arrived. Roadside services not only have the tools and expertise, but they have emergency standards, beacons and flares to provide additional safety to accommodate the roadside disaster.

Car Accessories & Essentials for Emergency Breakdowns

Be sure to carry an emergency kit, with sufficient hydration for up to 3 days per person. The deal and definition of an emergency break down or accident are they are un-planned. If you’re prepared it may make a difference in your survival potential. Forrest fire or over-turned truck with chemical spills or other situations can delay traffic for hours. A snack and drink will make life so much better. On split highways there is no place to turn around; you’re stuck until the road is open. So, plan for the un-planned situation, and have a radio, ham or citizens band. Truckers and ham operators are always glad to help and in remote areas you may not have cell phone capabilities. Another precaution is to carry a gallon of water and a spare quart of oil for the vehicle if on long across country trips with considerable distances between stops. This could give you and edge and allow you to limp into someplace for service.

Winter Emergency Car Survival Kit

A word here about roadside breakdown is many of us are not prepared to weather a stay on the roadside. Winter demands appropriate clothing. Space blankets are good for extended exposure. Some military surplice wool blankets will help. Wrap up in wool blankets with the mylar blankets and conserve heat.

Towing, Roadside Assistance & Cash for Cars in Cassia, Gooding, Jerome & Twin Falls Counties in Magic Valley, Idaho & Jackpot, Northern Nevada

Fuel, tires and electrical failure due to an unserviceable battery are the primary roadside services available. Tow companies show up during accidents. You can call your own towing company whenever you need one. It is best to avoid privately contracted police impound yards. Their storage fees and tow fees can out strip the value of older cars in just a few days. Highway 30 Towing can tow to you to a mechanic auto repair shop, auto body shop, your home or any other destination of your choosing. Contact us whenever you need a tow or roadside assistance!


Whether you have a flat tire, dead battery, run out of gas or have locked yourself out of your vehicle, Highway 30 Towing can come to your rescue. We take pride in assisting stranded motorists in the Magic Valley region.


Highway 30 Towing provides fast, safe and professional towing services at the most reasonable rates possible. We employ only the finest, skilled towing professionals & spare no expense on safety and training.


Don’t just junk your old cars and trucks; get cash for them with Highway 30 Towing. We will buy your junk cars and trucks; any year, make, model or condition (running and not running) and give you cash for them today!

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