Inconveniences are typically preferred to be avoided. Should such an event, especially if it is in unfamiliar territory, it can be fairly stressful. Having your vehicle towed can be such an experience. More often than not, a game of phone book roulette is played, and the driver hopes a dependable towing expert comes to their location to simplify the process. You can make your towing experience a lot smoother and less stressful when you do have to get your vehicle towed. Today, we at Highway 30 Towing would like to offer you some tips and recommendations to help you better be prepared for when you need a tow in the Greater Twin Falls, Idaho area.

Plan Ahead for when You Need a Tow

To be more than ready, before you may ever even need a tow and recovery service, take the time to research local companies to find the right towing expert that fits your criteria. Check their available hours, as well as emergency rates and time, fees, towing options, and their roadside assistance service options. Many companies have 24-hour availability and knowing that information alone can be helpful. Narrow down your options and give them a call and give them an interview, so to speak. Be sure to look through reviews as well. Once you picked your towing expert, store the information in your phone.

Towing Safety is Top Priority

No matter if the reason for a tow is stemming from of an accident or a breakdown, keeping you and your passengers safe is top priority. When possible and done safely, move your vehicle as far from the road as possible. To prevent further complications with oncoming traffic, immediately exit the vehicle and have you and the passengers move safely as far from the vehicle as possible and traffic.

Call Your Towing & Recovery Company

Once you and your vehicle are safe, call your selected towing professional with the contact information already stored in your phone, like Highway 30 Towing, that is conveniently already in list of contacts. From there, give the dispatcher your location, the circumstances of the situation, and other pertinent information they request while staying calm. To better accommodate the situation, accurate information is important so the company can come prepared with the right equipment. Verify price and payment options. Though it never hurts to confirm in case procedures have changed, during the research and preparing to find the optimal towing company step you should have learned how they do their payment options, usually. To ensure service, you can eliminate surprises by asking about the cost and the payment options beforehand.

Towing Arrangement Plan

Make arrangements for the destination of your vehicle. The tow truck driver will simply take your vehicle and you to their lot, unless you have a pre-destined repair facility to request to the dispatcher. The towing service could be cheaper for you to take it straight to the repair location, if you already have mechanic or other options in mind, however.

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