When a vehicle breakdown is experienced, quite a few people are eager to get their vehicle to the repair shop, or at least off the public streets or parking lots, as soon as possible. When compared to the safe, consistent, and dependable towing services provided by towing experts, like services from Highway 30 Towing, however, the do it yourself approach of towing commonly proves to be foolish and even dangerous. Due to the potential concerns and risks involved, we at Highway 30 Towing, would like to further discuss the attempted DIY towing issues that are highly probable and why it should be avoided.

Risk of Mechanical & Vehicle Body Damage with DIY Towing

Because of DIY towing attempts, vehicles can incur a lot of different damage. Though many people think that DIY towing usually has the same success rate as professional towing services, it is critical to remember that professional towing experts have the necessary professional tools to carry out their jobs safely and precisely, not to mention years of necessary field experience and knowledge. DIY towing often involves people that usually has zero experience with vehicle towing and this is a recipe for high dangers to your vehicle, both mechanically as well as to the body.

Pedestrian & Motorist Safety

There is a real threat to potential harm to you and others on the road. The collisions or other harmful scenarios can be the result of a simple wrong move. It is in your better interest to leave it to the professionals who have the training to get the job done right to ensure you and the others are safe during the tow.

Vehicle Towing Capacity

The tow trucks are designed to haul vehicles using equipment and this equipment includes specially designed axles, frames, and engines. The vehicle weight gross rating, which is the maximum weight that a truck can carry in one tow and all equipment that helps determine a tow truck’s maximum. Simply because they do not have the strength or equipment necessary for a safe tow, it is vital that cars or vans do not get used in DIY towing attempts. In the event the maximum load weight of a towing vehicle is exceeded it can damage the vehicle’s exterior, or even vital internal components like its engines, transmission, or brakes, it can lead to huge danger to both the driver as well as anybody else on the road.

Specialized Driving Procedures

Towing requires the knowledge of specialized driving methods that differ, based on the weight of the vehicle or equipment that’s being towed. Procedures like wider turns to prevent damaging the curb, as well as cautious techniques for uphill or downhill driving are included according to the specific towing assignment that they are carrying out, professional tow truck drivers know how to alter their typical driving methods.

Roadside Assistance & Towing Services in Cassia, Gooding, Jerome & Twin Falls Counties in Magic Valley, Idaho & Jackpot, Northern Nevada

Not only is trying to do your own towing foolish and quite dangerous, but the DIY towing attempts will likely never include these specialized driving technique adjustments, ultimately. Call the experts of Highway 30 Towing and let our professionals ensure safe towing should you find you need a tow in the Twin Falls, ID area.