A number of automobile break downs occur because of a dead battery. A car battery will last between 1 to 5 years depending on the quality of the battery. As a car battery begins to lose its charge it will often give some warning signs. Detecting early warning that the battery is losing its charge provides the driver enough time to replace the battery before you experience a break down. Highway 30 Garage will share warning signs that the battery is losing its charge to help prevent a break down in your vehicle.

Check Engine Light

As a battery begins to lose its charge, quite often the check engine light will turn on. Some modern vehicles may even have a battery icon so it takes the guess work out of the reason for the alert. When the check engine light turns on, check the basics: the oil, window washer fluids, and then have the battery tested.

Slow to Start

Another early warning sign that the car battery is losing its charge is when the vehicle is slow to start. When the battery is fully charged, a vehicle will start up right away. However, as the battery weakens the vehicle will take longer to turn over the engine and start. When this happens, there is not enough battery power to start up the engine.

Dimming Car Lights

The vehicle’s lights often use the battery for power. As the battery loses its charge, the light will be effected, often appearing dimmer. Not only will the head lights appear dimmer but all of the electrical systems in the vehicle will also be effected. The interior lights will be dimmer, the radio may not turn on or power windows may not work correctly. When the lights or other electrical systems are effected, the battery is dying.

Corrosion on Battery Terminal

The battery terminals must stay clean or there will not be enough power. Often the terminals can become corroded, restricting the full power of the battery. The battery terminals which have corroded over time is a sign the battery is old. You can first try to clean the terminals and see if the vehicle starts up or have a better supply of power. However, if not, the battery is most likely losing its charge and is due for a replacement.

Rotten Egg Smell from Car Battery

When you lift up the hood of your vehicle only to be overwhelmed with the odor of rotten eggs, this is a sign your battery has a leak. A leak from the battery is caused by an internal short which can damage the battery. When a battery leaks it will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, a battery leak can occur suddenly. You may need to have your vehicle towed if you cannot get help or you can see if someone is able to bring you a replacement battery.

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When a battery begins to lose its charge it is best to seek out a battery replacement. However, if you are out and you discover your battery does not work and you need a jump, contact Highway 30 Towing. We provide roadside assistance, including battery jumps, and towing services.