There are times that you may end up in a situation that you will need to have your car or truck towed. This can be from a breakdown that you have from engine trouble. It can be from a car accident that you are in that leaves your car unable to be driven. It can also be when you have something simple like running out of gas or having a flat tire. When your car is being towed they are not all created the same. Partially they are looked at in terms of how well they are able to move on their own. If they are damaged severely they need to be put on a flatbed. The other thing that some people do not take into account is the clearance of the vehicle. The lower the car is to the ground the more you have to know about issues that you might have with towing. Highway 30 Towing outlines what you need to know about common issues when towing a low clearance vehicle.

What is a Low Clearance?

You might be wondering what low clearance is and if that is something that you need to worry about. The fact is that most cars have a regular amount of clearance or they have a high level of clearance. There are some cars that have a low clearance issue and they are often sports cars or cars that have been modified. You can look at the amount of clearance that you have when you see the space that is available from the street to the body of the car. If you think that you have a low profile car or it has low clearance you want to make sure you let the tow company know that. They will want to make sure that the bring the right equipment out to do the job.

Loading a Lowered Car on a Trailer

There are several things that can be difficult about towing a car that has low ground clearance. One of them happens to be that it can be hard to find a location that is a secure hook up. You need to be able to attach the car to a winch or line so that it can be pulled onto a tow truck. The hook up is an issue that can be resolved when you call a professional tow company. They can make sure that there is a secure line and that the car is safely moved without causing any more damage.

How to Avoid Damage from a Tow Truck

The other aspect of the towing that can become problematic is the angle of the vehicle. The angle of the car is a major issue when you already have low clearance. This is why you might see people that go into bumps in the road on an angle. The angle will allow the vehicle to move over these bumps or dents without dragging any portion of the car. This is the same when you have the car towed. They will need to be sure that the car is not moved at an extreme angle to avoid any drag that might occur.

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